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Artist statement

As an artist I am in a constant search for places in between. Sometimes these appear with clarity, then again, with some interruption the uncertainty returns.

I grew up on the edge of the forest. I often return to the same place, finding it simultaneously silent and full of life. I am fascinated by the anarchy that seems to prevail there, while the environment is at the same time very well structured and seems almost orchestrated.

Mountains also appear in my images, as do bridges and former factories. I find myself returning to the question of how energy endures in a place that once teemed with life, but today is silent.

As a curator of street art, I emphasize close relation to the natural environment of the expression.

While an art exhibition may begin on the street, it must be curated within the context of the wider community to survive in the art world.

I have closely worked with some of Sweden´s most well-known street artists, including Carolina Falkholt and Olabo.

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