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Artist statement

As an artist I am in a constant search for places in between. Sometimes these appear with clarity, and at other times not, as the uncertainty returns.

I have always dreamt quite a lot, daytime and nighttime. My mother has told me that my teacher at primary school pointed this out: "Sometimes he slumbers… it is no problem, really, we just wake him up".

As an adult, I am not sure I want to be fully awake. I enjoy philosophising about existence, which I often perceive as surreal and full of randomness and synchronicity.

I am influenced by photo-based artists. But also by filmmakers and writers. I often feel that my photographic series are built up like a movie, a piece of music or a book —that there is a story with a definite beginning.

I personally feel that I have more freedom as a visual artist and photographer, a freedom to wander and to let the "end" become less defined.

As a curator of street art, I emphasize close relation to the natural environment of the expression.

While an art exhibition may begin on the street, it must be curated within the context of the wider community to survive in the art world.

I have closely worked with some of Sweden´s most well-known street artists, including Carolina Falkholt and Olabo.

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